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Howard Crossing


Ellicott City, MD


Disaster Renovation

Project Scope:

After a kitchen fire severely damaged six units, our team completed an interior and exterior renovation including:

  • Rebuilt the kitchen, including removing and replacing all cabinets, countertops, and appliances

  • Repaired the bathroom

  • Cut and patched the ceiling

  • Installed new flooring

  • Repainted interior and exterior

  • Repaired damage to exterior siding

  • Replaced windows

  • Repaired roof and framing

The fire had damaged the ceiling in all six units, including creating large holes. We removed the damaged material and cut and patched the holes.

We repainted all interiors, including adding an encapsulating sealant to the framing, drywall, and subfloor to mask the odor of smoke.

Speed and efficiency is important for disaster remediation, to minimize disruption and relocation for tenants. Within 2 months, we were able to repair and renovate all six units.


Check out the transformation.