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high river

disaster renovation


High River


Tuscaloosa, AL


Disaster Renovation

Project Scope:

We renovated two units in this conventional apartment community that were overrun with mold, including:

  • Removed and disposed of all interior surfaces and structures that were damaged or showing excessive mold
  • Cleaned and disinfected remaining surfaces
  • Installed new baseboards, kitchen cabinets, countertops, kitchen sink, vanity cabinets, mirrors, bathroom hardware, lights, shelving, appliances, and hardware
  • Installed new HVAC air handler and compressor, as well as flexible ducting
  • Repaired or replaced damaged drywall and installed batt insulation
  • Painted interior walls, doors, door trim, baseboards, and ceilings

We removed and disposed of the existing vinyl flooring, carpeting and pad throughout both affected units, ensuring that the residents could come home to beautiful new flooring.

We repaired damaged drywall resulting from normal wear and tear, and sealed existing stains and water damage prior to painting.

We installed new vanity laminate countertops and side splashes in each bathroom, matching the existing in terms of size, style and color as closely as possible.


Check out the transformation.