Multi-Family Interior Renovations 101: How to Maximize your Multi-Family Interior Renovation Investment

Our recent blog post explained how to increase your multi-family property’s curb appeal through exterior renovations. But while exterior services like roof and siding replacement are typically done to protect an asset or visually announce a change in property management, multi-family interior renovations are more important for raising rents or convincing a prospective tenant to sign a lease. A beautiful exterior will bring a tenant into the building–but a beautiful interior will make them start seeing it as home.

There are a wide variety of multi-family interior renovations to consider–everything from drywall and paint, to hardware, to HVAC, and more. But which services should you prioritize to get the most bang for your buck? In this post, we’ll outline the 3 interior renovation services that will deliver the best return on your investment.


Multi-Family Cabinet Refacing and Replacing

Multi-family Interior renovations - Cabinets

Of all the spaces in a multi-family property, the kitchen and the bathrooms typically make the biggest impact on a prospective resident’s decision to rent. For this reason, it’s essential that the cabinetry is aesthetically pleasing and adds value.

At ASH, we update, install, repair, and finish cabinets to improve the look and feel of unit kitchens and bathrooms. To add value without straining your budget, we typically “reface” cabinets–replace the cabinet door fronts while leaving the cabinet boxes as-is. Full overlay fronts hide any imperfections in the box, meaning you can achieve an amazing look at about a third of the price of a full cabinet box replacement.

Our cabinet refacing follows a two-step process. First, we paint the boxes so their exterior matches the new door front color. Then, we install the new fronts, pulls, and concealed hinges. Our cabinet door fronts use an industry-leading PVC coating which will keep kitchens and bathrooms looking new and beautiful for much longer.

The cost for refacing the cabinets of a multi-family property unit ranges from $2500-$3200, and we need access to each unit for 2 days* to complete.


Multi-Family Countertop Replacement and Resurfacement

Multi-family Interior renovations - Countertops

Often, property managers will choose to resurface or replace kitchen and bathroom countertops at the same time as the cabinets, so the unit achieves a consistent and unified aesthetic. Resurfacing a countertop (which consists of sanding down and repainting) costs around $600. Installing new laminate countertops can range from $900-$1200, and new granite countertops from $2200-$3200. New countertop installation only takes a day per unit*, and resurfacing takes 2-3 days per unit*.

Property managers also might pair countertop renovations with new kitchen and bathroom fixtures. Installing granite countertops usually necessitates replacing the sink and faucet. At ASH, we use stainless steel for kitchen sinks and porcelain for bathroom sinks–both of which lead to long-lasting, visually-pleasing plumbing hardware.


Multi-Family Lighting Upgrades and Replacements

Multi-family Interior renovations - Lighting

The lighting of a multi-family property can be one of the most significant aspects of a unit for prospective residents. Since most units are empty when the tenant views them, without furniture to distract them, renovated lighting fixtures can make a space look like a whole new room at a very low cost.

It can cost between $500-$1500 to redo the lighting of a unit, which means replacing light fixtures, plugs, and switches in the foyer, entryway, dining room, kitchen, bathrooms, and other heavily-trafficked areas of the unit.

Average pricing and timelines at a glance 


Average Time to complete

Average Price Range 

(per unit)

Cabinetry refacing

2 days/unit*


Countertop resurfacing

2-3 days/unit*


Laminate countertop installation

1 day/unit*


Granite countertop installation

1 day/unit*



1 day/unit*


* Times are based on a single crew. Multiple crews can be added to meet your timelines.

Why choose ASH for your multi-family interior renovations contractor

Unlike exterior renovation, where property managers usually select discrete services based on the needs of the building, multi-family interior renovations can be much trickier to decide on. There are so many different ways to transform the look of your multi-family property–so you need a contractor with your best interests at heart. At ASH, our experienced team can help you re-envision unit interiors and select the best combination of services and upgrades that will add the most value while staying within budget. Plus, our years of experience means we know how to stick to a schedule, work efficiently, and minimize disruptions for residents.


Ready to get started? Contact us today to discuss your needs and get specific recommendations and price estimates.